Online Payment Demo

In a My Web Site you do not have enough space to store content, nor enough control to run full ecommerce, mailing lists and the like.

You can get paid if people send you money direct – your paypal (I advise against, of course), your cashapp, lightning address, gift cards or any other direct method.

IMPORTANT : You can price everything in normal money. The system then works out the conversions. So, you don’t need to care if bitcoin goes up or down.

Example – Custom Deposit

“Once we have agreed terms for the custom video, send the deposit to my Lightning address –, and in the comment/message field, put your details so I know it’s you”.

Example – Paywall

You can also have a bitcoin paywall.

On a Full Web Site this can actually grant access to onsite videos (See, but on a My Web Site you don’t have the space for that. But you can, for example, make people pay to access some “simple content”, and leverage that.

The example below get’s you paid by someone who wants your Dropbox. It could just as easily get them access to your private Snapchat or Whatsapp or Telegram. Or be Tribute For Attention. Or Dick Rating.

In this example “Access My Private Dropbox, loads content too hot for OnlyFans” has this behind the paywall :-

“Save this image and email it to me at I will then share my Private Dropbox with you.”

This means if someone sends you the image, you now have their email to share the Dropbox. Obviously change the image from time to time. This works for low volume sales. If you have higher volumes, you should be looking at a Full Web site with proper ecommerce. We can do this for you 🙂

BTW, if you test this, I get a free cup of coffee out of it BUT – in case you are fan reading this, not a creator, I DO NOT HAVE A PRIVATE DROPBOX.






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